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  • Elements of Wealth

    The games title screen.
  • Nebulae

    A selection of nebula art assets used as background detail in
    the game.
  • PLAIN space

    PLAIN space is the method for captains to move vast
    distances across the galaxy with relative ease. From this
    screen the player will have access to their mothership
    where they can perform a variety of actions such as
    refining materials they have mined and upgrading their
  • Planets and moons

    A selection of planet art assets used as background detail in
    the game.
  • Mothership menu

    The players mothership is where they will perform
    the majority of in-game actions.
  • Asteroid fields

    When players choose to transfer from PLAIN space
    back to real space they will hopefully find vast
    fields of material rich asteroids to mine.
  • Real space

    Players will guide their mining ship around small
    areas of real space to discover asteroid fields
    and choose which ones to mine.

It is a bleak but prosperous future for mankind, in the centuries since man has taken to the stars huge leaps have been made in both technology and culture.

"Each man is his own, but no man is born free."
Capt. Marcus Iron-heart, Grafter II

No longer do people discriminate over creed, colour or nationality, each and every member of the human race is born into service.

One of three powerful corporations is now your country, your birthplace. It is your job to go forth and gain wealth from every corner of the universe for both yourself and your mother corporation.

The game

Elements of Wealth is a location based, space mining game in which players move around the real world to find valuable materials that are locked away inside asteroids within the game world.

Players must use all the skill, knowledge and resources at their disposal to extract this vast wealth and become the wealthiest 'rock-jock' in the whole universe.

Elements of Wealth will be avaliable for the iphone platform

The following footage is of current gameplay and will be updated as the game continues development

This video shows some quick footage of the games title screen, introduction text, menu systems, graphics and in-space mining ship control. These aspects are all still in development so are subject to change.

Smoking Monkey Games

Smoking-Monkey Games was created in late 2010 by Stephen Payne as a company front for his game development projects. Elements of Wealth was the first project started under the Smoking-Monkey Games banner and is the studios flagship title.

If you are interested in any of the work being done here or you feel that you could contribute towards the further development of the company, please feel free to contact us in any of the ways detailed in our contact section.

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