Game features

Location based

Everywhere you go the game world goes and there are asteroids everywhere! But can you find the most valuable, rarest materials and become richer quicker than everyone else? Explore the real world to find different types of materials in the game.

Time-based, persistent world

Found a stash of valuable materials while at your local bus stop? Waiting for friends outside the cinema and you've found a field full of platinum? Revisit that location and the same asteroids will be present so you can bookmark valuable locations and mine there again and again.

But beware every 3 months the location of all the asteroids is reset. This brings back the excitement of first time exploration and gives new players a chance to find some lucrative mining spots to try and catch up to existing miners.

Visit the universe page to see how long is left on the current phase.

Skill based mini games

The extraction of materials from asteroids and the refining of materials is based on skill, the better you get the richer you get.

Rare materials

With 50 different types of material to mine, each one increasing in value and rarity you will be departing on the largest treasure hunt you have ever participated in!

Crafting system

Use the materials you extract from asteroids to create items that can be used to help you extract more materials next time or sell the items to other players for ingame currency.

Below are a few examples of the many items that can be crafted by the player:

  • Drill bits -

  • Fuel Additives -

  • Ship Upgrades -
  • A variety of different drill bits will give the player bonuses to their mining efforts, resulting in more material to sell, trade or manufacture with.
  • These will increase the time that the player has in the mining mini game to mine an asteroid.
  • A variety of upgrades including cargo hold expanders, scanners and refining machinery.

Player economy

Sell any materials mined from asteroids, raw or refined and any items you create to other players over the galactic market.


Every man and women is born into the service of a corporation, for whom they work live and die. Each corporation fights to become richer than the others through the hard graft of its loyal employees.

  • Eurasia one -
  • Duomni Corp -
  • Americom -
  • Controls the continents of Europe and Asia.
  • Controls the continents of Africa and Australia.
  • Controls the whole of the American continent, both north and south.

Players will be able to choose which corporation they are born into when they start the gamne forthe first time. More information on each corp can be found on the universe page

Intricate leaderboards system

As the aim of the game is to become more wealthy than anyone else in the whole universe players will have access to a wide variety of leaderboards to cover all aspects of corporate life.

  • Overall Corporation Leaderboard -
  • Overall Player Leaderboard -
  • Per-corporation player Leaderboards -
  • Which corp is currently the wealthiest.
  • Which player, regardless of corporation is the wealthiest.
  • Each corp has a leaderboard displaying the wealthiest player within that corp.